I can truly say that I am so content that I made the decision to move down way farther south. I had heard many tales from my friends when talking with them about exploring the south, so I decided I had to take a chance and just go with it. I was particularly anticipating one thing when moving down to the south. The weather! In the bitter, cold north, all I ever knew during the holidays was how to survive by sitting next to the furnace, all cozy. Being cooped up to avoid going out into the blistering cold gets dull after a while, and I wanted to live outside far more often than I had gotten the chance in the north. The most difficult thing that I had to figure out when I moved down south was whether to invest in A/C units. They were never a necessity to me, so for the first few days I tried to live without one. I realized very fast that there could be extreme heat around here. I was totally covered in sweat, and I was just moping all the time. After a long while, I decided needed an HVAC service company, pronto! When they came over, they got the brand new a/c unit installed and going in only a few minutes, and soon, I felt the sweetest relief. It has been wonderful!

air conditioner unit