When I was around the age of nine I got our first gaming system, in addition to from that point on our life became a love affair with computer in addition to technology. Tons of ladies who are my age were into dolls or sports, but not me, I was a techno-geek to our core, then that first video game system set up something deep down in me, something that still burns smoking hot to this very day in my life. I have made my work in tech, in addition to have renovated our home to reflect our passion in life, long before Alexa became almost everyone’s household friend, I custom coded our own home voice recognition software. I was able to code in commands that let me be able to control the entire electrical grid in addition to Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C system with verbal orders. It was not nearly as genius or adaptive as Alexa is, of course, this was year ago, even though I could say cooling and it would turn on the AC unit. If I was to say furnace then the heat turned on, which was quite impressive to all of our technophile buddies. Over the several years I have been able to greatly improve our origin code, in addition to now our Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit is so advanced it rarely needs myself and others to say anything. I even have a cool trick programmed in I call the “red zone” when I may or may not want the temperature controls adjusted, and when this happens, the program will verbally ask anyone in the home if I want the heating or the cooling turned on, in addition to I have to answer yup or no, how the times have changed, when now the a/c equipment asks me if it should turn on or not!

programmable thermostat