For nearly nine years, I had the same HVAC technician complete my routine maintenance. I would see him at least 2 to times a year. I gave him cookies on the holidays and iced tea in the summer. He was an older, slightly chubby guy, who I really appreciated. He was so conscientious with my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment.  He also respected my time and my home. He put on special foot coverings so as to never track dirt across the floor. When he needed to completely tear out the gas furnace blower and replace it, there was not a single piece of equipment left over after the repair. Whenever he charged the coolant for the AC unit, not a drip was spilled. He was the nicest, sweetest person ever.  Unfortunately, my HVAC guy retired and I have a new technician taking care of my HVAC upkeep. I don’t like the new HVAC guy. He typically shows up late for every appointment. I wait at least a half an hour for him to show up and he doesn’t apologize for being tardy. When he arrives, he tracks mud on hi shoes. He does not keep me informed. My former HVAC guy would tell me what he was doing to the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. He explained how important air filters are to air quality. He recommended a smart thermostat and helped me to save energy. This new guy gives me nothing. I don’t think he does as good of a job  servicing the Heating and A/C system. Once the process is complete, my heating as well as cooling equipment still looks dirty.

HVAC specialist