At the beginning of the month, I go a little crazy and clean my whole house. I launder all the bed sheets and window curtains. I disinfect the floor in every room. I then scrub every inch of the living room, dust the furniture and wash the windows with vinegar on both inside and out. The final job I tackle on my annual cleaning quest is my gas furnace. Every month the gas furnace filter needs to be changed anyway. This is a perfect reminder for me to service it. Every month I purchase a new air filter for my heater. I then proceed to take the gas furnace apart in order to carefully clean it. I am always surprised by how much dust and debris gets inside a furnace. The blower becomes coated in dirt and the gas furnace then works less efficiently. I have gotten rather good at cleaning the inner workings of the heating system. My vacuum has both blowing and sucking capacity. For my furnace, blowing the dust works really well. The vacuum can only reach a certain area, so using the force of the air is beneficial. The dust flies everywhere and causes a big mess, but the heating system works so much better after that.  I am able to target all the inner workings and get them super clean. My long hair sometimes works its way into the heating system too. It only causes a problem in there for a month before it is cleaned out. I am always impressed by the improvement in the performance of my heating system when it is clean. It operates more quietly, heats the house faster and I’ve never needed to get a heating repair. I am convinced this is all because of the cleaning yearly.

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