For a lot of people, Winter can seem like the most pretty time of year. There is nothing better than getting up to the frosty backyard as well as peering out your back porch to the freshly fallen white powder. The crisp, cold air seems to slow everything down as well as it’s the ideal time to curl up under a thick blanket with a large mug of hot cocoa as well as settle in for a cozy morning of studying. So think on it, waking up to find the frost on the inside of your winters, not the outside where it should be. This is exactly what went down one frosty Wintertide month while I was in my 1st year of college. That time, Wintertide had settled into the upper states early as well as had sent harsh, frosty winds as well as layering snow, so our gas furnace had been running on high for a few months, but that time, the people I was with and I woke up to find a busted down HVAC system. No matter what the people I was with and I attempted, the people I was with and I could not get the heating unit to turn back on. My best friend as well as I called maintenance, who quickly came to our room, but could not get the heater component to turn back on. Both of us were told that heater had been lost on all of the dorm rooms on our floor. The service team right out called HVAC techs to come as well as try to repair the problem. While the people I was with and I waited for the HVAC crew to come as well as repair the gas furnace, the people I was with and I were given hot towels.

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