My mother and I used to make Black Friday shopping a our ritual. We’d get up at the crack of dawn, spend the day at major retailers and take advantage of all the deals. I used to complete the majority of my Christmas shopping easily, all in this one trip.  We’ve since switched to online shopping because of the comfort of home and easiness. In our state, the weather at the end of November is already winter like. We often have temperatures at around twenty and feet of snow piled up by Thanksgiving. To head into town we need to bundle up in heavy sweatshirts, coats, and hats, and run both the heater and defrost in the car to be warm and see clearly. Finding a parking space has to be divine intervention, and then we’re forced to walk through the snow again. By the time we reach the store, we are begging for heat. Then we step inside the store and we are begging for coolness again.  All these retailers crank the heating system to the point of insanity. Carrying a winter coat and heavy shopping bags, and going around in boots is a real chore. Getting blasted with overheated air from a million HVAC vents just makes it worse. My daughter and I got tired of ending our shopping day feeling sweaty, exhausted and downright sick from the heat. Shopping online completely and utterly avoids that disaster. We don’t need to worry about treacherous roads, hauling shopping bags, or sweating in line. We end up sitting at the computer in perfect comfort from our furnace and clicking a button to order all our presents.

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