I had lived in residences with forced heating and air systems for a while. While it was certainly a decent form of climate control, these kinds of HVAC systems never quite satisfied me in the winter. I endured cold spots in my childhood residence, in the dorms at college, and even in my own apartment. I always pondered if there was a way that heat could be distributed more properly in a room. I also resented the fact that the floor always seemed excessively cold. In the winter, going around in bare feet was torture. I had quite the array of comfy footwear in my time. Nowadays, even on the coldest winter nights, I barely have a use for slippers. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it’s all a result of radiant heated flooring. It turns out that there is a greater way to heat your home in the winter than using vents on the ceiling to blow down warm air into rooms. Radiant heated floors are installed, specially-designed coils that warm a home from just under the floorboards upward, with hot water or electricity as the heat source. This ensures that the heat hovers at ground level where it is most needed. Thanks to the fact that heat rises from a lower elevation to a higher on, the whole of a room is reliably, evenly warmed. Radiant heated floors are so toasty, I feel delighted simply walking around barefoot in my own home. We even put in radiant heated flooring in our bathrooms and I especially love walking out of a hot shower and placing my feet on the hot tile!

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