I lived just a single year in the dorms at my school. It was the worst time of my life simply because of the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning device. I was on the initial floor which should have been ideal. My room was basically next to the central Heating in addition to Air Conditioning idea for the dorms. In the hot times, the air conditioner was a horrible thing. The dorms were more than two floors in addition to heat goes up. The girls on the sixth floor were typically whining about getting no air conditioner. The RA would listen to them in addition to severely lower the thermostat, however us on the initial floor just about froze to death all summer time because of the horrible cooling. All the AC stayed at our area. In the Winter it was almost as horrible. The heating idea was cranked to the highest amount in order to make the whole building warm. The heat with this idea hardly rose to the sixth floor as well. Those girls were really frosty in addition to my roommate in addition to I were wearing undies to bed. It was horrible to really be the wrong temperature. The thermostat would just get right out adjusted anytime I changed it too. It got so bad that I just avoided sleeping in our dorm. I could not deal with the horrible temperature control. Moving out of the dorms into a house of my own with Heating in addition to Air Conditioning device was such a nice move.

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