Okay, I have a lot to say here about “family fun” plus “kid activities” – why the hell are they so high-priced? I think every one of us can all come to an agreement that children need to have stimulating plus educational bonding experiences with their families growing up, and many different times this includes venturing off to one of those kiddo theme parks or mall institutions, then that’s a large section of growing up. I think, for the middle class… However, as a upset leaseholder of the lower class, I can tell you that every one of us cannot afford this junk. Let myself and others tell you, this past weekend every one of us had some friends in town who insisted on paying over $75 per person to see SNOW, then yes, to go out in the wet, freezing chilly substance that plagues a third of the world, they shelled out hundreds of dollars. You can imagine my surprise when every one of us arrived at the theme park on a warm Winter day, with hot air and also cold temperatures all around, plus journeyed to the fake snow section, and on this little hill, they pump in artificial snow all of the time to counteract the usual heat all around, plus use large cooling machinery to keep everything a few degrees colder, every one of us arrived at the ticket desk to see what the cost of a fake freezing Winter day would be – only to be told that it was usually 30, but today 50 dollars, i nearly spit out my drink in utter surprise. I can’t help it, but I moved to the hot south to get away from the disgusting effects of freezing winters plus snow up in the north. I will save my money for my A/C back apartment and rest this one out.