I should have gotten a gas oil furnace rather than an electric oil furnace, however there are a lot of pros and cons to the strange types of oil furnaces. The reason I chose to go with electric is because a gas heating system is not safe at all! If the heat exchanger has a tear, carbon monoxide is released in the air quality. This poisonous gas is not able to be seen or detected. The house owners can more often than not end up with carbon monoxide poisoning and have to be hospitalized, then also, a gas heating unit can overwork itself and catch on fire. This is all due in part to a dirty air filter, but fire and poisoning sounded superbad, and so I went with electric heating. For ninety nine percent of the time, I like my electric heater. Yes, electric is way more extravagant than gas. But, with my electric oil furnace I am getting all of the fuel I am paying for. However with gas or even oil, the equipment churns and burns it up. You are not getting all that you bought. I also get faster and nearly instant heating when I turn on my electric heater. The heating installation required no gas hook ups or a flue too. But, the downside to my heating system is that it does not work in a power outage! My section frequently loses power and then I have no warmth in the house. I dont have the ability to turn on the heating system without electric. It won’t give heating with no electric. If I had a gas heater, it would not be affected at all. We tend to get power outages many times a year, and every time it goes out I always curse my electric heater.