Just because you may not use the A/C all year round does not mean that you’re done caring for it year round. Sure, you won’t have to worry about replacing the HVAC filters if your oil furnace utilizes radiant floors or a water heater. However, a central AC means you have a condenser outside, plus that thing simply cannot be left alone to its own devices. The a/c condenser component may weigh a ton, however it remains pretty darn fragile. In fact, the snow plus ice can even cause irreparable mangle to the condenser, affecting the integrity of the whole central AC system. That’s why you should job to keep it safe throughout the Winter months. The best way to do so is to keep it wrapped up safely in a tarp or even a protective cover, then you can often find a cover that is made for your exact model of condenser, so it’s the perfect fit for your AC equipment. Some covers will come with metal stakes plus ties care about a tent to insure it really stays on. If you’re using a large tarp, you’ll need to tie it down with ropes or even ratchet straps to secure. Then even after its well covered, you’ll need to revisit it after every snow storm to brush off snow plus ice, then checking up on the condenser once a month between storms is also wise to remove ice plus make sure that icicles haven’t disfigured the cover, but keeping the AC condenser safe means one less thing you will have to repair come summer time time, plus will insure that your AC system runs smoothly the instant you need it next summer.

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