Though it can be an inconvenience, I have come to understand why hospitals and doctor’s offices are super cold. Warmer temperatures would allow germs to get around, while the colder temperatures stop them from spreading. I was not always privy to this, and at one time, I wondered if it was just a silly general rule that any building that housed doctors was kept icy, because that’s just the way the world worked. These days, I shrug and bundle up in an extra layer whenever I head to the hospital or doctor’s office for an appointment or to come say hey to a friend who is sick. The super frigid temperature that my dentist’s office is kept at, on the other hand, is a mystery. I know, dentists are technically doctors, but the people that make the trip to the dentist’s office are not necessarily sick. So, it is weird that every time I walk into my dentist’s office waiting room, the A/C is set really high. I could deal with sitting in the waiting room for upwards of 45 minutes when I’m waiting for my dentist appointment. I could deal with nothing to read but old magazines. That is not what angers me about the whole experience. I could put up with these annoyances were it not for the fact that the A/C seems to be set in the fifties! That might be a slight exaggeration, but it sure feels like it is not. I jump for joy that I am not a nurse or dentist, otherwise I would have to put up with frigid air conditioning all day!

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