My job is at this big bar and grill there is about 45 tables total and 56 seats including both bars. We carry an impressive selection of crafts beers and wines – our craft beer is well sought after. Last week, I was trying to fill a pint glass from our inside bar – we have many taps inside and a few taps outside – well, all of the inside taps were pouring way too warm, which typically our inside beers pour somewhat like that, more so than the outside ones for unknown reasons, but this time it was a crisis. So I told my boss and he said we could not serve from them for the rest of the afternoon which, I knew customers would complain. The next day when we were closed, my boss tried to get to the bottom of the warm beer situation. Once the coolers were cleaned out, he tried to figure out what was the culprit. There was a switch in the back that had been turned off and had to be put back to the on position. Someone had bumped it at some point, changing the temperature! That is why the temperature in the cooler was higher than proper and why the beers were pouring so room temperature! We were both cheerful it was nothing more costly or concerning. The coolers were acting up as of late. A major problem would spoil our business, right in the start of our busy time too!

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