Every single one of the people who knows me knows that the winter time months for me means hibernation and I rarely venture outside. My home is my sheppard as some may say. And also, the thought of my HVAC system in my home quitting while I was in the cold winter scares me highly and gives me nightmares. Because of that, I have quite a few area space heaters around the home ranging of varying sizes plus shapes, as backup, should such a disaster happen like in my nightmares. I make sure to have loads of air filters all the time, plus I update these filters all by myself 100%, then my Heating and my Air Conditioning serviceman from the local HVAC company knows me by name as well as I have his number on speed dial, last summer, after he had examined and cleaned our Heating as well as Air Conditioning ducts coils and a lot more, he joked that mine must be the best tested Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit in this town. I replied that it all could be because I feared the cold more than anybody else in this world! So, our oil furnace is in perfect condition and I will tell you for sure that now I’m all set for Winter, still, I have heard tell that there have been good strides in the the Heating as well as the Air Conditioning manufacturing industry… Researching that and also choosing something better to update our Heating plus Air Conditioning, will be our project this winter. If I were at work, I could honestly afford to buy a new Heating and Air Conditioning idea instead of just reading about them all the time.