While we were kids, my parents always liked to take us camping. When my sibling plus I were young, we would visit the lake every weekend! The two of us spent time fishing on the lake  and caught numerous different species of trout, perch, plus bass… My sibling plus I enjoyed our time away. I remember a lot of camping trips, but one sticks out in my mind. My parents decided to take us camping over Spring break. We got the tent plus went to our favorite mountainous region. On the first day of our trip, it began to rain. At first, the rain was slow plus sporadic but later, the slow drip became a steady downpour. It rained for numerous mornings, before it let upl. When the rain finally stopped, a lot of our belongings were wet. We did not have an expensive tent, plus there was a pool of water in one corner.

              Mother took us to the laundromat in town, and we washed plus dried all of our blankets, sleeping bags, plus clothing. While we were in town, my mom purchased a small battery operated heater. My mom did not believe it would rain again, plus the mornings were undoubtedly cold. My mom purchased a spare set of batteries for the heater, plus we headed back to the campground! Later that night, it started to rain again. My mom took the battery operated heating system plus turned it on low. We ran the heating system for an hour or more, plus the tent became much warmer. It rained every day of that camping trip, but we still managed to have some enjoyment.

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