I had been hired on as a temporary employee to help set up the new local dollar store after its construction, however a whole lot of people were hired for this, and honestly few were kept onboard after everything settled in and was done. I however, was thankful that I had been deemed a good enough worker to become one of the stores cashiers! The hours could be quite long over there and I was often left alone as the only person running registers to the point where if I went to the bathroom, I risked creating a really super long line. I figured out how to endure all of this, however there was still one nagging serious problem that persisted until I eventually quit and left the store for a much better job; My manager insisted on keeping the store’s thermostat at a always constant cold temperature, regardless of the weather or season. In the summer, some of the clients praised our powerful Heating, Ventilation, as well as the A/C system. It was all good and very well for them, however that was only because they were popping into the store for a few hours and then leaving again; They did not stick around in the dollar store long enough for the blasting air conditioning system to take its toll on them. Meanwhile, I was sitting at the counter, slowly freezing myself turning into an icicle, then during breaks between customers coming in and out, I would blissfully move about the store tidying shelves, just to get my blood pumping to try to warm up a tad bit. I even ended up taking my breaks outside, and I can tell you did that warming sunshine feel good after being frozen by the air conditioning for so long in the place!

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