Look, I’m a pretty solid cook most of the time. I still have bad days though, and I can make mistakes that are just stupid. On the nights when I’m tired and overworked by several hours without a break, I know I can make a bad call. Once, I was trying to finish cooking these vegetables so I could get the entree out to the table. I went to handle another meal cooking in the process, and in doing so I forgot all about the vegetables. I barely saved the vegetables from being trash, but the scent of burned peppers and carrots was disgusting! I keep the air cleaner in the kitchen running at all time for this reason. My little kitchen doesn’t have excellent vent hoods or central AC, so this air cleaner goes a long way for helping us breathe better. Placing it in the kitchen allows the air cleaner to clean the air, disinfecting the room and removing impurities floating around in the air. After a long night in the kitchen, I turn it on high to ensure the odors of various meals are gone in under an hour. My air purification system is able to accomplish this because it uses several air filters. The first is a charcoal filter, and the other is a HEPA air filter. The charcoal filter helps to absorb odors, while the HEPA air filter takes care of everything from pollen to mold! Every night before close, I turn on the UVC light to ensure that any bacteria in the air is removed by opening tomorrow.

air filter