As a homeowner, living in sizzling & humid weather conditions can be hard business.  Although heating costs in the Winter season regularly equalled out to what I’m now paying year round for a/c alone, it seems as though our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan is running incessantly every single morning of the year.  The morning light is recognizably intense in this area of the country. Coupled with our close proximity to water, you have a recipe for a wet as well as moldy environment. Simply running our central cooling system weekly is not enough to keep the humidity down to a comfortable level inside our house.  I bought a portable dehumidifier that plugs into any familiar 120 volt wall outlet as well as has a collection tote for water or a port on the back where you can run a drain hose. I was forced to use the collection bucket, since I don’t have a floor drain anywhere in our house, nor any chances near doors or windows where I could run the line outdoors.  This past month, the humidity outside has hovered between 74 as well as 90% every single morning, with the exception of the few rainy afternoons where it jumped up to 100%. When running the dehumidifier non stop, I had no clue that this would entail a full tote of water twice a morning. At first, this might sound trivial. But after you’ve strained your back numerous times a morning for a month straight, you start to think otherwise.  Although the upfront cost is higher, I’m going to invest in a central dehumidifier that attaches to our central cooling system as well as can run simultaneously whenever the latter is on. The performance is higher than any non commercial sized dehumidifier available in our area, plus I no longer have to worry about emptying water collection buckets!

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