I’ve been an avid horseback rider for decades. I get involved in local competitions and even have a horse barn on the property! In the warm seasons, the neighborhood teenagers come out and help with little chores such as removal of weeds and other unsavory plants around the paddock. They’ll also help bring in the hay, in exchange for riding lessons or just a good old paycheck. In the Winter, it’s just me. In the barn, I have electricity running out to it to helps get everything done with the little sunlight I have. By the time I get home from work, it’s already dark out – and very, very cold! Thanks to those power lines to the barn, the place can be kept hot with the use of 2 good electric space heaters. These little heaters put out a type of non-drying heat, and they are powered by infrared technology. Working to heat the living things in the barn rather than just creating hot air, this helps greatly in the Winter when I’m feeding the horses and brushing them down after letting them in for the night. Since the space heating systems are electric, they don’t put off the emissions like gas furnaces would. This means these little heating systems are a lot safer for our horses! The electric heating systems are a bit more tricky to work with, since I can’t bring them anywhere. Still, what is safest for the horses is what matters most! No matter how cold it gets in the Winter, I know that I’ll begin warming up with the space heating systems.

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