I can’t tell if our building owner is a bad person or just a moron some nights… Sometimes the guy does succeed in making myself and others guess almost bad for him; then i kind of hope its the latter… But this building owner is just horrible about getting anything fixed, or understanding things when I tell him what is wrong! Me, I’m fairly smart and I love to be informed than not! When something goes wrong in my rental beach home, I’m quick to do some research, look at the problem, and at least try to figure out whats wrong. That way when I tell my building owner what is going on, he knows the extent of what we’re looking at before he gets slammed with the bill out of nowhere. But no matter how many times I tell him, he keeps just not getting the boiler looked at. It’s an ancient cast iron model; it’s got more cracks in it than the ice in our driveway. Instead he tells myself and others that they run forever, however it hasn’t been inspected in 4 years! Plus this cast iron boiler is over fifty years old! That is ancient for an HVAC device, and pretty aged for a cast iron boiler too. I’m genuinely distraught that without n HVAC maintenance checkup for this ancient central heater, our beach house could have the boiler split down in the middle of a bad Wintertime storm. I just need my building owner to get this HVAC component inspected and possibly repaired, why is that so hard? I swear, he’s just distraught the inspection will go badly and he’ll have to update the boiler entirely. But hey, better to update it with a idea than in an emergency when the aged a single has died.

boiler tune up