My job is unfortunately a steady 9 to 5 job with little flexibility over my shifts.  Even if I have a therapy appointment to get to that would only eat up a half an hour extra of task time, my boss will more often than not refuse to approve the request.  Most of the time I am forced to use paid time off to get the entire day off from my shift if need a repairman to come to my lake home for anything conceivable. It’s frustrating, however in my present situation it’s the best I can do.  But worst of all, I have been trying to get my air conditioner serviced for 2 weeks now and my Heating and A/C supplier keeps missing my appointment windows. I just cannot afford to keep taking more time off work! I decided to look for a modern heating and cooling repair company that would better fit my needs and allow a bit of flexibility on appointment windows, let alone keeping to their word on even showing up at all love the last one struggled with so much.  I found a company that offers free inspections and half off repair coupons for first time customers a few minutes down the road. Best of all, they had solid reviews online and have been in company in the area for over 20 years now. They said that could come by and do an inspection and repair call while I’m at work since my air handler is located in my garage, when I explained my employment situation with the repair department. They said that all they needed access to was the air handler and the circuit switch outside behind the condenser; that acts as a kill switch for the system’s power supply.  I may have them inspect my ductwork at some point as well while they’re at it, since the access to the attic is right next to the air handler.

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