Having just started this new retail job in order to help pay for the rising the costs of oil in our area, I’ve found it’s not going to work out quite as nicely as I hoped. My thoughts initially were that if I started early enough I would be able to get paid right away! This is not the case, sadly. I didn’t think that this work, like most in retail, only paid every two weeks. Since the first day of work was between pay cycles, I won’t get paid for at least three weeks. How lame is that? I even asked if I could just one paycheck in advance, but the answer was a stern no. Until I get paid, I have to now be cautious about fuel consumption for the oil boiler! Since the apartment I live in runs off of a boiler, I also have to be careful about tepid water use. The water furnaces in our apartment are all heated through the oil boilers, instead of an electric furnace for heating the water like many homes use. I feel the oil boiler allows for making hot water much faster, but it also means the hot water is a limited resource. Now I not only have to mind the thermostat to make sure the oil boiler isn’t running too often, I have to be careful about how long my showers, baths, and dishwashing last. Doing laundry in cold water is a useful energy saving tip, by the way.