I am fully proud to work in a facility whose advances work to bring in more jobs in this country, unlike many other businesses, who work to put tasks overseas in order to turn a bigger profit. As such, our medical testing business keeps all of its labs right her in the US. While my friends often tell myself and others that their task is laying people off, plus how distraught they are for the future, my task is always hiring! This is because our smart building actually creates more task opportunities, rather than removing them. It’s furthermore funny to myself how everytime I turn on the news plus see people are freaking out that robots are going to be the end of human employment in several industries. As in, in my industry, our robots create the need for more tasks, not less. The smart building has a lot of aspects which need to be monitored by a human being. The automation server alone has its own team, which is made up of at least thirty people! As our industry grows, so too does the automation server, and many of us have to draft current building management plan software all the time, as the automated testing device all of us have created is the first of its kind. Then once the software is ready, all of us then need physical employees for this current department to officially label plus coordinate the samples so they always go down the tracks correctly. However, thanks to our brilliant employees, we’re growing all the time. With this current smart building medical lab, I have been able to also get tasks for my friends plus family, which often turns a into lifelong career.