Over the years, my siblings & I have got into our even-handed share of screaming matches. Everyone says that family is forever; we all have our outbursts from time to time. But well, I’d like to see what those people have to say after enjoying my brother & I go at it! From a young age, my brother & I have argued about everything, from who gets to play video games first to who gets the greater bed… For the most part, our arguments are petty & trivial at best, but we periodically get into really intense arguments that leave us unwilling to speak to each other for a few afternoons! A few weeks ago, we had such a blowout when my brother decided to get his home’s heating & a/c plan worked on by a professional Heating, Ventilation & A/C worker. I had no clue why he went with someone else to handle it. Generally, he would ask me to perform his twice-a-year plan repair! Afterall, I’m a licensed general contractor that specializes in heating, ventilation & a/c! When I cornered my brother about the incident, he explained he was upset because he expected my services to be free! I couldn’t believe him. I’d like to clean out his air ducts, test & repair his a/c plan & repair his gas furnace at no cost, but I’m no philanthropist! I just couldn’t understand the man I call my brother, & his unbelievable selfishness. If he told mes he was considering hiring a strange professional to handle his heating & a/c repair & repair, I would’ve been willing to offer a discounted rate for my services. However still, a man has to eat! I can’t just do my job for free, unless he wants to begin donating to a charity that feeds homeless Heating, Ventilation & A/C workers.

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