Last year I decided to become a modern professor, mainly to see if I would be a wonderful fit for teaching full time for me… As it turned out, I really loved the opportunity to teach children plus watch them continue to grow plus develop; One of our favorite times was during the annual science plus technology competition that the students had to create projects for, there were all sorts of ideas represented, everything right from air plus section to agriculture plus body composition. One of the more memorable projects I saw involved using wind as a source of sustainable energy, plus in demonstrating it to everyone the student used many flags. To generate wind at many levels, there were initially a couple small circular fans, although I admired their ingenuity by also using the overhead vents as section of the demo. The auditorium has a large Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan installed inside that seems to run consistently, plus the exposed ducting plus vents were actually perfect to attach things to. The display was in between many vents at the very back of the arena, so the student took small flags plus streamers with all the wind related facts to pique your interest plus arrows that led to their little science display. With the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan running, the little colorful flags plus streamers would wave gently in the vents plus catch your attention immediately as you walked by. The display was truly informative, plus the presentation was, to me, really the best of the ones there.