I used to live in a really bad neighborhood. The crime rate was pretty high and these little hoods that were teenagers about 16 years old always used to steal, rob and break everything around the neighborhood. One time, I was their victim. But no, they did not rob me, break my windows or do damage to my car. They broke my heating and cooling system! These little hoods took a baseball bat while I was at work and bashed the living daylights out of my HVAC unit that sat on the side of my house! To make it even worse, they poured soda inside the grates of the heating and cooling unit as well. It was a real mess! When I got home and found this out, I was steaming angry and wanted to kill the little hoods myself! But, the only thing I could do was call the police and tell them what the hoods did to my pretty expensive, high quality, top of the line and very expensive heating and cooling system! They took the report, then I called my local heating and cooling company to see if anything can be repaired. They sent out a heating and cooling specialist to take a look. The heating and cooling worker said that it was so bad, I needed an entire new HVAC unit! That was the last straw. I shortly after that left the house and moved to a nice neighborhood. I rented a house, so that way the heating and cooling system was included! Darn hoods! I have been happy here for 2 years now. I did hear those hoods were caught and are now serving 5 years in a juvie detention center.

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