Have you heard of these high stakes Scrabble tournaments? They happen all around the state, and let me tell you: people take these Scrabble tournaments more seriously than the final month of fantasy football. Buy-ins are standard at these events, and all the people that want to compete must pay an entry fee just to get into the tournament. From there on out, competition like you’ve never seen in a board game built on finding words in a mish-mash of letters. There are objective referees at each table, a very strict honor code in place, and tight time restraints per move so the games keep moving. At the end of the tournament and after three days of word scrambles, someone walks away with five thousand dollars – yes, five grand – in prize money! Second and third place will award prizes too, but I always enter these events with the mindset of coming in first or not placing at all! I plan to use the winnings to pay for my new central Heating and A/C system, as my current one that came with the house is now twenty-five years old. The air conditioner died, and without knowing too much about the equipment, I knew the oil furnace was up next to meet the end of its rope! With a full renovation to the heating and cooling system needed, my regular HVAC specialist stressed the need for new air ducts as well. Since the new system would be comprised of a water heater, geothermal heat pump, in addition to a smart temperature control, I would need at least four or five thousand dollars easy to get the plan in motion. But like I said – I play to win. Since the result of winning would be a fully renovated HVAC system at home, I’m all in on this tournament!

TN bowes