My family has been having issues! Each member of the family has gotten a headache at least once this month; All of us sneeze all afternoon. A few of us have chapped lips, some have bloody noses plus a couple of us are experiencing dry skin all over. The only thing that has changed in our household is the furnace. With the gas furnace on, all of these issues came about. I guess the main issue is that our gas furnace is filthy. All of us are breathing in inferior air quality. The dirty air is causing the head pains plus the sneezing. As far as the dry skin and nasal passages, that is the gas furnace drying out our air quality as well. A heating device naturally removes the moisture from the air quality. With no moisture, our skin is suffering. What I really need to do is pair a humidifier with the furnace. The added moisture would solve our skin issues. Also, the more moist the air conditions, the better the furnace can work. We could lower the temperature and not run the gas furnace as much. I just don’t want to pay for the addition. I guess I need to get the furnace professionally cleaned as well, then nobody would get sick this way. But I don’t have the time, energy or cash to hire a heating professional to do the work. I wish my heating component would not be so needy. A gas furnace should not try so hard to ruin my household.

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