Sometimes I get really bored and off task at work. As a recent college graduate with an education degree, I’ve started off at the bottom and am working as a substitute teacher. Aside from figuring out a new job, I’m also trying to find a new living situation now that I’ve finished school. Some days at school, there are no teachers out, so I’m left with a decent amount of free time. If I have a slow day, I often look at apartment rentals. Today, I swore I found the perfect fit until I realized that there was no central air conditioning. In our college dorm rooms, the air conditioning was virtually non-existent. The air pressure was extremely low no matter what setting we had it on, and the air temperature was never quite cold enough. The thought of living with no air conditioning at all is simply out of the question. I can already envision the sleepless nights and sweat covered sheets. I’ve suffered through enough nights like that. Not to mention, I will be moving into the apartment during the summer, which is when the weather will reach the highest temperatures and humidity levels. The only thing worse than living with the heat is moving with it. I don’t care how good of a location the apartment is in or how affordable the rent is, I am making central air the number one item on my checklist as I continue the apartment hunt. I will not settle for less than a well-functioning HVAC system with easily accessible controls. Comfort is my first priority.