I live in the southwest. And living here it makes it so 90% of the year, you can not open up your windows to get any kind of fresh air from outside! Now, the air quality in this part of the united states of america is less than desirable anyhow, but the point is, without opening windows and airing out a house, you can not get anything but air from your HVAC system. This causes some issues. Like in my case, there is so much dust around my house that can not be cleared out. Especially in my bedroom! I constantly have a stuffy nose, running nose and just feel totally awful when trying to sleep. What a friend told me about that may be the answer is something called a media air cleaner. With a media air cleaner, it will eliminate all the dust and pollen allergie type things that are floating in the air. Of course, I will still be running my air conditioning on top of it for the next few months, but the media air cleaner will really help things. So my friend says. I find it hard to believe, however, I think I am going to try it anyhow. I got an opinion from a local heating and cooling business, and they said it all depends on how bad things are in the home. The heating and cooling company told me that I may have to have the house professionally cleaned first. So, next week, I actually plan on having that done. Then, the next thing, is to find the best priced media air cleaner that will work.

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