Living where I do in the south, I have a lot of allergy problems. The indoor and outdoor air quality here is not very good for me. I always through most months of the year have constant stuffy nose and runny nose as well, depending on the day of the week. Part of the problem is that I am constantly in air conditioning all the time, and breathing in nothing but air conditioning all the time also flares up my allergies. My doctor had told me about whole-home air purification systems that may help a little bit with my allergy issues. It is something I am for sure going to be looking into. I have changed out my air filters as well, but that does not in any way, shape or form seem to help with the matter. On Monday, I will be making a call to my local heating, cooling and air conditioning company to get this looked into. The price will most likely be high, but I will take out a loan if needed. Anything to be able to stop or at least ease the allergies and still be able to enjoy my air conditioning. Air conditioning is always needed here in the south. Without an HVAC system or air conditioning, it is near impossible to live here in the southwestern part of the United States of America. I always have my air conditioning cranked 90% of the year because it is too darn hot and yucky! I may decide to move out of this part of the United States of America as soon as I can do so.

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