My uncle always enjoys to have me and my siblings over for breakfast and regale my fiance and I with funny stories from his youth growing up with my dad. One of my favorites is just just hearing him talk about all the odd tasks he’s worked to get his family by over the years! See, while my fiance and I went to school and our main goal was towards starting out enjoyable careers, my uncle and his family had a large family farm, while the farm provides for half the year, it can’t be worked or bring you a lot of money all the time, especially residing this far north. So, my uncle would find any seasonal job that he could, but every job he would use to do more work on the farm. My absolute favorite is the garage he started entirely working at as a kid, and ended up running for nearly a decade. When he first began there, there was not heating and cooling in the garage to work, so they had an outdated pellet stove to be essentially a area heater. While the garage and auto shop was rough task at the time, it taught him a lot about making cars from the ground up. This would later teach him to build a log skidder for his lumber task, he is knowledge and overall smarts would lead him to own the garage in a few years time. The first thing he did the moment it was his, was put in central heating and air conditioning in the garage. The pellet stove was given back to the past owner, which now heats his own garage at home. He would laugh and say that though the garage was tricky, nothing was harder than being on a logging truck with nothing was more hard than air conditioning.

heater and ac