When the HVAC company told us that we needed to get a new air conditioning unit, we didn’t know what we were going to do.  We knew it was inevitable when we had to call them three times in three months. The man told us that we had to purchase a new air conditioning unit soon, or it was going to leave us getting warmer and warmer during a heat wave.  We started doing a lot of research on what kind of air conditioner we wanted. We needed to find out what all of the features were and what would be the best deal for us and for our home. The same day, our energy bill came and there was a small advertisement for their new website and how it could help us save money.  There was a whole section on their website that talked about air conditioning. It helped us with our decision on what AC unit to buy and it also talked about rebates. The AC unit we were thinking about buying, was on their rebate list. They were offering a $250 rebate on the same AC unit, if it had a SEER rating of 16 or higher.  I wanted to know what SEER was and I found the answer when I read on. SEER was how a company rated the energy efficiency of the AC unit. The AC unit we were buying had a SEER rating of 18. When they installed the AC unit, we were told that it was an energy saver unit and we could also use it as a tax credit. Buying the new AC unit, was a plus in many ways.

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