One of my fondest memories as a young kid was going to my dad’s task with him. It didn’t happen truly often, because he was a security guard at a nice sports venue, but every once in a while there would be a major show & he would bring myself and others along. Like most kids, I was easily into professional wrestling, so Dad would find myself and others a nice out of the way spot to sit & watch the matches while he went on his rounds. Sometimes we would take an empty seat, other times we would just hang out in the rafter & watch from above. Honestly, that was my favorite, because I got to stand right next to the large air conditioning machine vents they had. This was a large site, & the industrial sized Heating, Ventilation, & A/C machine was designed to cool down 8,000 people at once. When I stood right under the air vent & it clicked on, there was a deafening roar & I hastily felt as though I was in the midst of the Winter months. We all could not stay directly under the A/C vent for genuinely long, but dang did I ever prefer the way it felt! Last month I went to the same site, which  is still around after all this time, & I saw that the ancient Heating, Ventilation, & A/C machine had been updated. The section inside felt just as cool as ever, but darned if I could figure out where they hid such a strong cooling machine. The ancient A/C machine actually filled up the entire ceiling area, but now the venue is just as cool & I can’t see the equipment anywhere.

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