When I rented the cottage by the beach, I was told there was a fireplace and a hot tub.  Summer had ended and I wanted to spend our anniversary by the beach, where we had been married.  We booked the cottage well in advance, and finally, the day had arrived. The wind was blowing and the clouds were steel gray.  We rushed into the cottage, expecting to see a fireplace in front of the sofa. Instead the fireplace was missing and the sofa was facing the window that looked out at the ocean.  I was really upset, because we wanted to be sit in front of the fireplace and sip wine. We didn’t want to look out at the ocean and listen to the heater running, while sipping wine.  We called the rental office, and they were all apologies. They said they had no idea the fireplace was being removed when they rented out the beach cottage. The gentleman did offer to bring us an electric fireplace that he could place in front of the wall and we could turn the couch to look on the fireplace..  I was surprised that the electric fireplace would be able to heat up the cottage so efficiently. It crackled as we watched the fake flames jump and the sparks fly. It was such a warm and cozy feeling, that we are considering buying one for our bedroom, at home. Whether we actually buy the fireplace, is yet to be seen, but it definitely was romantic and we got to sit in front of a fireplace while we drank our wine and reminisced about the wedding.

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