Despite the sometimes crazy heat of life in the deep south, the people I was with and I still do love fall as much as anywhere else, and here, it gets cold enough down here for the leaves to change & even eventually drop. But during the month of October, it is still pretty humid & honestly hot, even after dark, but yet that doesn’t stop our little city from going out trick or treating & going to haunted houses with friends, then while the crucial commercial attractions have all of the heating & cooling device you could ask for & more, its the smaller businesses that need a lot of help this time of year. Every year, our local firefighters turn the whole firehome into a spook walk. The woods behind it also gets turned into a haunted hayride. There’s even games for the kids, but all the proceeds go to fund the nearby fire department, so people love to attend knowing they’re helping to keep our city safe, but my job almost every year is setup the haunted home so that guests stay comfortable even as they’re being guided along. While the people I was with and I don’t have a lot of cash to donate for portable AC units, I’ve found that 1 of the best ways is to maximize on airflow. Each Fall, I bring in my own unit from my apartment, as well as a single ductless mini split. Then everyone else brings in fans of all shapes & sizes. By setting up the fans in busy sites & setting out the path just so, the people I was with and I can work to increase ventilation, which keeps the place from getting too hot at all times. Thanks to a little genius engineering, the people I was with and I can manage to keep our guests cool separate from a full central AC unit like the crucial kids have.

portable ac