Ever since I found out about radiant floors, I have really wanted them for my very own lake house. Winter time where I reside can be legitimately harsh. there’s not a lot of people who are brave enough to stick it out on the lake year round! Once the leaves start to turn and the youngsters go back to school, at least half of the houses near meget sealed up and become empty. It’s just myself and others and the permanent residents, less than seven of us, who love the lake even when it’s frozen over hard as a brick The main issue with being out here in the Winter season is just staying warm enough and retaining road access! All of us help each other out with plowing and shoveling. However, firewood starts to get pretty hard to come by, then but if I rely on an oil furnace, I can go separate from delivery due to delay from a snowstorm, then so, I always need some form of heating backup. Once I was told that heat floors can be done with something other than tile or concrete, like a laminate hardwood, I was more than interested. However, radiant oil furnace upgrade can be hard to install and costly, as all of your floors will need to be ripped up and upgraded. This is why I’ve decided to take it extra slow and just do one room at time. Since I’m doing the electric radiant oil furnace system, it’s to just go room by room. This fall, I’m tackling the kitchen, so our feet can stay warm while I cook and do dishes. The next room over I do will be the master bathroom, so I can have radiant floors after I get ready for work each day.

heated floors