The worst thing that can happen is vandals when you’re a small business owner like me. Just the other month, this nasty little teenage punk would come to my store,and when he did,  I knew I was going to find something broken, torn apart or otherwise rendered unusable. What really got me mad and over the top pissed at this kid was when he came into the store and tore the costly smart thermostat I’d just installed the previous week right off the wall! This thermostat could do anything you could imagine – I could adjust the heat or a/c on the fly using an app on my phone, or by absolutely making adjustments using the thermostat itself, however and seriously, it would create run schedules based on my use of the heating and a/c, so I wouldn’t even have to program the thermostat to run uniquely during store hours – it did it entirely on its own! Miracle isn’t it? All of these reasons and more are why I was so agitated and angry with this little punk when I found the thermostat in pieces on the ground, then however, what this kid didn’t realize was that I not only caught him killing it on camera, but he broke a really costly piece of equipment. The product value alone was enough to ensure this kid would get into serious and severe trouble with the law if he ever was caught! I never saw that kid again after I sent the report to the police, and I’d like to really know if that little jerk was ever put in jail for his behavior!

programmable thermostat