Just the other morning, I went to the local corner store to pick up some coffee before work. When I went in there, a rather big line was already queued. I just went and grabbed the coffee before going to the line, as I didn’t want to drive out of the way to a new coffee place. The thing is, it was way too warm inside the venue – even for the winter! Everyone was complaining, and two guys got so fed up that they actually started walking out of the store without paying for their things. The manager there was so mad, as he had to get on the iphone with the cops! He then called the property owner, whom he told to call the Heating plus A/C company immediately as he provided the report of the stolen goods. I entirely couldn’t suppose what I was seeing actually happened, but I really wasn’t trying to get involved – I wouldn’t want to get harmed while trying to stop these thieves. I don’t owe this store anything, so why should I? I felt for the manager there, though. The place was way too hot, and most the other people decided to leave while I persisted, despite the extreme heat output from the store’s HVAC system. I told the guy that I hoped they fixed the Heating and A/C plan soon, so he wouldn’t have to suffer in the corner store. He thanked me, but he said he was more excited about catching those men that stole the items. They were complete idiots, because we were all on camera and they would be simple to identify! Sure enough when I watched the news a few nights later, those same men that didn’t pay for those things were arrested! How about that?

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