For our Fourth of July party, I decided I wanted to be the host this year.  I had just bought a new home and my husband and I had finished all of our updates.  We had a large inground pool and a partially closed in patio. I remembered how tired my grandmother looked when we were at my mom’s.  She hated sitting out in the sun and she left really early. I kept thinking that if she could join with the fun and yet have some air conditioning to keep her comfortable, she would feel so much better.  I also wanted to announce that I was pregnant and I needed the air conditioning. It would give me time to spend with Granny. We did the whole southern boil thing, with crab legs, shrimp, clams, mussels and crayfish.  There was chorizo sausage, potatoes, corn bread and corn. We had a grand layout. My mom and dad brought different kinds of desserts and my aunts brought beer and soda. It was like waves of eaters. Some were in the pool while others were watching.  The eaters would go in the pool and the others would eat. The best part was seeing Granny up on the patio, with her air conditioning, and enjoying the whole thing. I realized my mother was in the air conditioning, and so were a couple aunts. I went up and made my announcement.  Granny made me sit and rock with her, because she said the baby needed to stay cool and she had air conditioning here.

cooling set up