When my wife Betty walked through the door the other day you could tell that she was completely aggravated by her day at work. The first obvious sign was the fact that she walk to the stove stop plus pulled out a bottle of wine right above it, immediately without even saying anything to me. When I got up the courage to ask Betty how things were, she replied that she couldn’t believe how picky some people were! Betty said she has spent the day in the office arguing over the furniture for the new office area plus didn’t guess how she was going to deal with most people’s special requests.  It has been hard enough when they were trying to make a choice on where to location the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C vents due to most people had a unusual temperature range plus now they were attempting to tell her that each office wanted unusual furniture! Not only was this seemingly going to cost more because they couldn’t buy things in bulk, but, they were going to have to have a whole team in to try plus make most of the office workers cheerful. Betty works for a company that really strains and pushes for the happiness of their employees, but as the office director, her happiness seems to come last. Nice enough, the corporation is willing to pay for all of the updates plus at least it will not cut down into their operating cost.

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