Becky and I have been planning our big day for over a year now, and it’s right around the corner. Both of us wanted a Halloween ceremony; fall is our favorite time of the year and spooky things are our favorite things… We’re keeping it classy though, no orange bridesmaid dresses, no skeletons, but I can’t wait for it to be here. In the meantime we’re also planning our honeymoon! Since it’s already so close to wintertime, we’re trying to keep our travel plans to just a week. This far north, you never can assume when the first storm will hit, so it’s smart to plan your travels accordingly. Well, Becky’s mom and dad also planned our ceremony present accordingly. Separate from our registry, they understand we have issues with wintertime. Mostly because we both have terrible backs and snow removal is tough on us. So, they’re paying to have our driveway turned into a heated driveway! The method works much the same way radiant heated floors do, except its outside. It turns out the heated driveway is going to even cost less than my soon-to-be in-laws expected, because the heated driveway can be run by our trusty gas boiler. The whole heating method will be put in while we’re away on our honeymoon. I’m so excited to be able to spend the first wintertime with Becky.

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