A buddy of mine is currently strenuous at job at getting his tiny apartment done before the Winter season and cold temperatures make making progress on it impossible, unless he finds a friend with a barn, unlike most folks, who build their small living areas from scratch with a trailer as a base, my friend went the more affordable route by buying an old school bus instead of this idea, he was able to use the savings to not only build the apartment in no time, however he’s able to invest it on better technology for his new full time home; One of those investments is an awesome heating and cooling system. One of the dozens of benefits of the tiny apartment is that it makes life a lot more affordable, and 1 such way that it does so is a cheaper utility bill, but my friend is truly working to make that utility bill become no bill at all through use of green energy only. The very first step is the solar panels, which he has to spend my savings to have installed, but he will get some money back from the state after this. That rebate plus the rest of his savings is going into a top of the line ductless mini split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit. This unit is both simple to install and needs no fuel to run. He’s already done the work and marked out which space of wall on the bus he will be removing to put it in place. This ductless mini split system can give both heating and cooling, and humidity control, while running purely off of solar energy, not only will the bus have better temperature control than his old house, however it will also have zero utility bill. It’s quite the investment, however it’s worth it to live a simpler, more stress-free existence.