I really hate going to the doctor; I know, I know, what an original sentiment to have, right? Well I have a better reason than most for not liking my trips to the doctor. It has nothing to do with the doctor potentially telling me I have some deadly illness, nor does it have to do with waiting endlessly to be seen for what seems like ten hours, my reason for hating the doctor visits is because of how horrendously chilly it is in the doctor office! It’s like the doctor asked a local heating, ventilation and a/c dealer if they could recreate both Alaska and Antarctica in one shot within his doctor office! I’m not joking! It’s so chilly in that office, I can usually see my breath as I wait in the waiting room chair; One day, when the doctor had finished giving me my yearly check up, I asked him why he keeps the offices and patient rooms and waiting rooms so chilly cold, he said that it’s for a variety of reasons, however the most crucial reason is that it helps to maintain a disinfect environment. “Mold grows in sizzling or warm locations, especially when bacteria will be abundant in the area – that’s why every single last one of us keep the office as chilly cold as possible!” Well, that made a lot of sense, and I thought that was pretty clever to use the air conditioning system unit to keep the location sterile. He also explained that the office uses an air cleaner as an extra safeguard too, as that helps to remove airborne pollutants in the air and germs from the office. I guess it’s not so awful to freeze over every time I go to the doctor then, if I guess it means I won’t catch something bad while I’m there; Sadly, it’s still chilly enough to make me suppose like I’m catching a cold or flu!

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