My best friend recently bought an RV for camping! I didn’t think it was a great idea, because my best friend can barely afford to spend money his truck payment on time. Never the less, we decided to take it out for a trip. It was recognizably cold on that weekend we did it, however none of us were worried, however we had the RV to keep us warm and shielded from any outdoor elements. When the weekend arrived, the outdoor temperatures were even colder than we anticipated. The weather forecast was calling for blustery wind and the chance of chilly rain, then my best friend and I had no complications, and continued on with our plans. We filled up the propane for the gas furnace. It didn’t cost too much money at all, and we would use the propane for the gas heating plan and the range; Setup was pretty quick and easy with an RV, and we were resting around playing cards in no time. It was 49 degrees when all of us arrived, and we turned on the gas heating plan instantaneously. We kept the thermostat set to 80°, a comfortable temperature for both of us. The gas heating system worked great, and there were plenty of air ducts situated throughout the RV. We both slept like kings, and woke up ready to spend all day fishing. We were getting ready to make supper, the gas heating unit stopped all together working. Then the flame went out on the range. My neighbor and I found out that we were completely out of propane. The gas heating plan had used up all of our fuel in a matter of 20 minutes.

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