When I am home, I need to have my windows open all of the time.  There is something invigorating and yet relaxing about feeling the fresh clean air blowing over your body when you are sleeping.  I hate when I have to be in a hotel. They always have the windows nailed shut. Maybe they’re afraid that someone is going to jump, but they could at least give them the ability to be opened a couple of inches.  I would be able to get some fresh air while I sleep. Instead, they have these terminal air conditioners. A terminal air conditioner is just like a window air conditioner, but it is put into the wall. The rooms are never a steady temperature, and they are really loud.  It seems that you either have the covers thrown on the floor because it is too hot, and then you hear the compressor kick in and you are rushing to get the cover pulled up because it gets too cold. The air conditioners really suck. It doesn’t do any good to complain, because they are all like that.  I think they have a hidden agenda to having the terminal air conditioner instead of central HVAC. I’ve not yet figured out what it is, but it must be for the same reason they have all of the windows nailed shut. I wish I could find a job that pays as well as mine and not need to travel all of the time.  Until I find it, I will have to put up with the terminal air conditioning.

ac set up