I must have the worst luck of any person around. Just last week, I was outside sitting new shingles on my roof after a bad storm blew some of them off. While tapping away with a nail gun, I managed to shoot myself straight in the foot with the power tool! Fortunately I hit the outside edge of my foot, even though I still had to go to the hospital to be stitched up… The next afternoon, I did it all over again! How does a guy shoot himself in the same foot with a nail gun more than once? Well, being distracted is the root cause, to be honest. In both instances of me nailing my foot to the roof, I was watching as my neighbors were fiddling with a sizable white box that was being placed on a concrete slab, just on the outside of their residence. I must’ve been looking for too long, even though I couldn’t help it – my neighbors were making holes in the wall from the outside going in, and I thought for sure they’d easily lost their minds! The very next time I mangled myself, it was because my neighbors were feeding electric cables, piping and other materials through the hole they created in the wall. After coming back to my residence from the hospital yet again, I decided that certain things needed to happen: first, I needed to stop going to the roof; and second, I needed to figure out what they were installing! I asked my neighbors about it, and they said they were installing a ductless mini-split a/c machine for their residence. I didn’t realize it before, however their residence never had an a/c machine installed. It makes sense now, as I don’t ever remember hearing an air conditioning condenser operating in their front or back yard! My neighbors went on to say that installing the ductless mini-split was pretty much painless. I couldn’t help however but laugh, point at my gauze-covered foot and say “Sure, painless for you guys!” They had a good laugh with me that day.

ductless multi split