My first fall semester in school has been an honestly eye opening experience. However, at times I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open at all. I’ve been careful to get plenty of sleep, eat well, and try to get my tasks done in plenty of time. Although, sporadically, I fall behind in my studying, I’ve been able to get by in all of my courses just fine. However, there is 1 that’s going to be the death of me. All this time I was upset about taking early am classes, when I should have been upset about this 1 building in particular; My last class of the afternoon is in 1 of the original campus structures, built in 1895, while its been fixed over the years, it has the oldest central heating and A/C systems. For A/C, there’s just these window units like what most people have in their first apartment. Meanwhile the central gas furnace reigns supreme. While the newer buildings have temperature controls in each room so the professors can adjust it accordingly, this building does not. My class in the afternoon gets cooked by the sun, while the central gas furnace continues to fill the room with sizzling air. The combination makes all the people sleepy, no matter how much sleep you’ve gotten or Starbucks you’ve imbibed. I’ve tried dressing in layers to combat the central heater. While it keeps me from perspiring it doesn’t make me any more awake. I’m thinking about asking my parents for a mini fan–they have 1s that you can plug into your laptop through a USB. I’d turn on the window A/C unit if I thought it worked; it looks older than my car.

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