For anyone who might be confused on the issue, we’re going to talk about the main differences between central cooling systems & window AC units. And the very first thing to note is that a central cooling system is a much more complicated system that has lots of different components. There’s the condenser which sits outside, a duct plan which carries the air inside and through the house, and also a temperature control which tells the plan when to run and how long to run. But since a central cooling system has the parts distributed in many different areas of your home, a window AC, on the other hand, has each of those parts made into the housing of the one unit. And for this reason, it is half outside, & it is half inside. This absolutely makes the cost of a window A/C much cheaper, and not only in terms of the device itself. It also saves money on the installation, too. If you’re looking only to supply air conditioning in one room, a window A/C is much more efficient for your needs. A good central cooling system will use about 3,500 watts of energy in order to operate, & a good window A/C device will average about 1,000 watts. However, a window A/C is only designed to heat & cool a single room, and so that means that heating & cooling of more rooms means more window AC’s & more watts used. And with all the different working parts, the energy usage, & the possible need for repairs, central cooling systems are not always the best choice to use in every single home. For larger homes, they work well and make a lot of sense. But for smaller homes, window A/C units work very well and they probably make the most sense instead.

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