The people I was with and myself are identical. We have the same parents, the same hair, and even the same birthday. The people I spend time with and myself are twins, but that doesn’t always mean that we are the same. Our parents always treated us absolutely the same, especially when we were under 10 years of age. As the people I was with and myself absolutely got older, our parents realize there was more than one huge difference about us. My sister ended up growing more than one inch taller than I, and the people I was with and myself were both interested in different types of studies. My sister wanted to learn all about science, and she absolutely went to college for biological studies. I really prefer, and absolutely decided to attend Technical School. I started out in the heat pump, ventilation, and A/C equipment program. After six months, I had learned all about the different types of heating systems and A/C systems that are available on the market. After 8 months, I could install any type of equipment in our home. The people I was with and myself are very different, but we both are glad to be absolutely successful adults. My sister and I even started working and I am absolutely in charge of indoor air quality and the heating and A/C equipment, while my sister is absolutely a scientist in the back. It’s actually pretty cool, because we get to spend more than one afternoon together and even eat lunch. The people I was with and myself are still very close today, even though we very in huge differences.

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